All go in the garden

As per my posting at the weekend a variety of wildlife continues to appear in the garden (between the showers – hail! today 😦 ).

Henry (or Henrietta) Hedgehog appears to be quite at home having a good scratch after feasting furiously on the sunflower hearts before the pigeons can hoover them up.

Do you detect a trace of embarrassment because they have both turned up in identical outfits?


I expect to see a lot more of this activity if the experience of previous years is anything to go on.


Crow, jackdaw and magpie are often in the garden. We only have a single dunnock so no hope of babies. Finches are few and far between and we only have a single pair of goldfinches. I’ve only seen the great spotted woodpecker a few times and I’m still waiting for its green cousin. We have a resident pair of blackbirds so we can expect some speckled youngsters. I thought we had a pair of robins but mostly I’m seeing one only.


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