Robins & Warblers

Yesterday (27th), being the first sunny day for over a week, I went again to my favourite place, Attenborough Nature Reserve. Here are some of my spots. I will be posting some more later 🙂

Putting seeds on the top of fence posts is a sure way of getting robins in particular to come into the open but this is the first time I have seen two come together. They are clearly a pair with presumably the male feeding his partner as part of bonding behaviour.

These are my first clear views of any warblers this Spring. The first two are shots of a whitethroat on the brambles by the main path and the third what I think is a willow warbler. It is not easy distinguish between some warblers like chiffchaff, willow warbler and cetti’s (pronounced chetti’s) warbler by appearance alone. Their calls are more distinctive. Later Correction: I am informed via Twitter that the third bird is a Garden Warbler

Finally, a mute swan relaxing on its water bed, a colourful drake red crested pochard and a Canada gosling – one of many at various stages of maturity throughout the Reserve.

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