Highlights from Highfields (1)

At last, in the closing days of May we saw a bit of sun. While the Sunday joint was in the oven we took ourselves off by tram to Nottingham University Park (Highfields). This park was gifted to the people of Nottingham by Jesse Boot, of Boots the Chemist, later ennobled as the first Baron Trent.

The rhododendrons and azaleas which are a feature of this park were a riot of colour. From the footpath just beyond the trees in this view I was delighted to spot some great crested grebe with a couple of offspring. Here is a selection of pictures of this little family on the boating lake.

The youngsters are getting rather too big to ride on the adult’s back.

On our return walk they had moved further out into the lake to fish. The juveniles were diving too but I doubt if the caught anything and had to rely on the parents’ catch. I saw a couple of carp in the water which would have been a mouthful to far for them and I doubt even a heron would try one this size.

Part 2 with other the species we saw will follow shortly 🙂

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