Wildlife Calendar Picture for June (and a little bit more …)

My one and only clear sighting of a Bearded Reedling was at Old Moor RSPB reserve, Yorkshire, in February 2020. It is sometimes called a bearded tit because of its similarity to the long tailed tit. A reedbed specialist, its diet consists mainly of seeds from the reeds. The UK population is around 500 pairs so a sighting is rather special.

I made a follow-up visit to Highfields on bank Holiday Monday to see if I could get some more shots of the great crested grebe family.

They were sheltering in the lee of an island about 100m across the water so the pictures are not the best quality but worthwhile as one adult stayed with the young and the other brought back fish for them as you can see in this sequence.

A little egret seems to have made Highfields its home. Here it is hunting in a new pond created in the last two years which is fed by the Tottle Brook running through the park and eventually into the River Leen. In the top right picture above you can just see a fish in its beak.

Finally this is my only sighting of ducklings this year. Goslings of various species seem to have done well but ducklings seem few and far between.

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