What’s the Buzz about Bees?

Taking my camera into the garden the other day to photograph a stunning poppy (centre above) my attention was caught by the persistent buzzing of bees. What struck me was the variety of sub species and that some seemed to have a preference for certain flowers. These were all taken in the garden with the exception of a couple taken at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

I am no entomologist but I think there are at least four possibly five different sorts of bee in this selection. Some have a white rump, e.g.(6) on a chive flower and (2) on a red campion flower. Some have a more elongated body somewhat like a wasp, e.g. (3) on a trumpet shaped flower (no idea what it’s called) and (12) on a cow parsley head at ANR. (7) has a pronounced rusty rump and (5) is almost completely black. If you are watching Springwatch on BBC 2 (8:00pm Tue – Fri) you may remember Chris Packham showing a bee robbing nectar by making an incision in the neck of a flower bypassing pollination. You can see this on the comfrey flowers e.g. (10) .

Finally another pollinator, a hoverfly feasting on our ceanothus flowers (also known as California lilac). Any feedback on the species of the different bees pictured above will be very welcome. Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe 🙂

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