Monday Miscellany

I’m not expecting to see a lot more of the NTU peregrine chick as he is spending more and more time away from the nest. The baby down is almost gone and this sequence (taken on Saturday 12th) shows him exercising by doing what looks like the ‘Hokey Kokey‘ – “You put your left wing out, your right wing out, in out, in out, shake it all about …………….”

The great crested grebe nest by the Visitor Centre at ANR was empty when I went on Sunday morning. I’m hoping that the chicks have hatched and are safe. Elsewhere on the reserve I saw another pair nest building which is hopeful.

I suspect this wren singing its little heart out is the same one I saw in the same area on my previous visit. I waited to see the cormorant catch a fish but it was unsuccessful.

Designed to give them a safe place to nest this new platform set up in the pond by the Visitor Centre seems to be attracting some attention from this pair of terns.

Finally, a bit of colour. These delicate harebells come up every summer through the cracks in our drive and buttercups and yellow irises make a bright splash at ANR

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