Weekend Wandering at ANR

I had the opportunity to visit Attenborough Nature Reserve (ANR) twice this weekend and egrets great and small featured each time.

Great white egret doing the Hokey Kokey. “You put your left foot out, your right foot out and shake it all about …………” 🙂

This grouping shows unusual toleration of close proximity of three members of the heron family. More than once I have seen a heron driving a great white egret away from its fishing spot.

Preening those hard to get at places is easy when you have a long, flexible neck.

I saw two pairs of Egyptian goslings at very different stages of development this morning (Sun).

On a smaller scale on our early evening walk yesterday (Sat) a red admiral butterfly posed for us on some cow parsley. I have not seen many butterflies this year so it was a welcome sight. I managed to get a clear shot of a damsel fly on a grass stalk. Because it was not bright blue I assumed it was a female but an internet search makes me think it could be another damsel fly species. Click on the image to see some incredible detail. If anyone has expertise in this area please get in touch.

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