All creatures great and small (at ANR)

First something great. Great news that this pair of great crested grebe have successfully hatched their first egg. Top left the sitting bird is feeding the baby a feather which is believed to help pellet formation of indigestible matter. In the bottom image the chick is being fed with a suitably small fish.

At the other end of the scale I had to tread carefully to avoid these tiny froglets as I was walking along the paths.

It makes a real change to see a wader of any kind in the ridge and furrow field designed to attract them. These are rather distant views of a green sandpiper which I am informed is nesting nearby. In the left hand image I was pleased to spot some purple loosestrife beginning to colour up. It is a common sight on shallow, sandy islands and brings back pleasant memories of the nature reserves I have visited over the years.

After many a try I was pleased to get a reasonable shot of a common tern in flight.

Also view these and further images on Twitter hashtag #beestonbirdman


  1. Simon Patchett · June 27, 2021

    Thank you for pointing out the Green Sandpiper on Saturday.


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