Town and Country

The first Friday of July took me to an urban setting in search of a bird that chooses to live where we live or at least very close by. It’s one of our summer visitors the housemartin. The particular location is under eves of some shop premises in Beeston where I am informed they have nested for many years. The premises are up for sale and I hope the new owners don’t do anything to discourage them.

As far as I could tell only a couple of the nests seemed to be occupied which is not good news but typical of all hirundines (swallows, martins and swifts) this topsy turvey year we are having weather-wise. The adverse weather has not only affected them directly but also reduced the number of flying insects that they depend on.

The top two images appear to be of an adult bird sitting on eggs and the lower two are obviously of a couple of hungry babies. I took the second one from a video clip as the parent bird came in with food and off again in a few seconds. My reflexes are not good enough to capture that.

Despite the weather on Saturday I decided to go and check on the great crested grebe family. I soon spotted them in the vicinity of their now inundated nest with two chicks on mum’s back. I think I miscounted the other day when I thought there were three. I saw them being fed by the male bird but they were too far away for any clear shots. This is the best I could manage but you can clearly see the two ‘mint humbug’ stripes on the chicks.

A wren and a male reed bunting regaled me with their song as I walked through the reserve and surrounded by freshly washed greenery it felt good to be alive. 😎 😎 Never mind the weather. Enjoy the outdoors. There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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