In an English Urban Garden ……..

Today it’s indoor birdwatching looking through the window with camera handy. These were all taken in the garden over the last few days.

A bedraggled bluetit and a likewise great tit rain soaked or moulting after a busy breeding season. I can’t say I have seen any baby tits through.

Sunlight reveals multi colours in an adult starling and a juvenile stands tall. Someone seeing it on Twitter suggested that it wants to be a meerkat when it grows up.

You can tell this juvenile blackbird is a male from the black feathers developing from the tail end. It appears to be eating ants but by the way it is dancing about I think the ants are fighting back. A green woodpecker would have been in its element and impervious to any ant attacks (see blog post 15/06/2021).

I will always find room for a robin portrait. This one stands out well from the dark blue/purple background which is the out-of-focus foliage of our smoke bush.

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