House Martins Revisited +

Having confirmed that house martins were nesting again on a shop front in Beeston I had it in mind to return with my tripod so I could get some video clips without camera shake and in the morning when the light conditions were more favourable.

The stills are taken from video clips. It is pretty much impossible to get decent action shots individually with my camera (and my slow reactions). Only one passer-by commented as I stood on the pavement gazing skywards. Most people ignored this strange person taking pictures.

At Attenborough later on that morning I managed to get several shots of a reed warbler (top) in the reed bed adjacent to the visitor centre and a whitethroat alongside the main path. Note that these warblers have somewhat similar colouration, along with some others such as chiffchaff, Cetti’s warbler and garden warbler which makes identification a little tricky.

The sunny weather brought out a variety of butterflies and dragonflies. This red admiral opened its wings in stages enabling this rather pleasing series.

Finally this morning (Sat 19th) tidying the edges of our mini pond I caught sight of a frog, so small it could comfortably sit on a pound coin. I suspect that this two foot square repurposed shower tray is its entire world. I must remember to keep it topped up!


  1. Mr J.Quinn · July 11, 2021

    Thanks Ray,

    Lovely stuff.



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