Two seconds of Fame and a Footballer

Taking advantage of a fine day we used our free bus passes on Thursday 8th to visit Wollaton Park.

On path different from my usual route into the Park we saw this view of the hall neatly framed by trees. I took a picture thinking, ‘This is one for BBC Weather Watchers.’ Uploading it as soon as I got home I was delighted to see that East Midlands Today agreed. This is my 2 seconds of fame, blink and you’ll miss it!

Hearing the sound of chainsaws as we walked round the lake we expected to see some clearing of fallen trees or the like but in fact it was two chainsaw sculptors at work. Herons and sand martins, I think, on the massive log and the guy in the blue shirt is sculpting a tree stump into what looks like a beaver.

This selection of the wildlife we saw is mainly of a few young birds. Predation has been a problem this season, especially of the Egyptian goslings. From top left: grey heron, moorhen chick, coot chick, slightly older coot chick and young crow. The final image is of a drake mallard in transition from breeding plumage to eclipse that I have described in previous posts.

A few days ago spotted this hoverfly on a stone in our mini pond (an old shower tray let into the lawn). Posting an ID request on Twitter elicited this helpful response. “It is one of the Helophilus species, probably Helophilus pendulus. They are widespread and sometimes known colloquially as The Footballer.” I doubt if either team on Sunday will be playing in those colours.

I have received an email from my milkman (yes, we still get it delivered in ‘rinse & return bottles’) to the effect that Monday’s delivery may be late because of some sporting event on Sunday evening. I heard Nick Robinson on the BBC Today programme this morning refer to ‘Wembledon’. Whatever your sporting preference in ball size or means of propulsion enjoy 😎 your Wimbley weekend 😎

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