An Insect Medley

The sunny weather we have had over recent weeks (between the showers) has brought out a variety of flying insects. These example are mainly from the garden.

We normally get a lot of gatekeeper butterflies around our herb bed but they are scarcer this year. This example (left) is on a marjoram plant. The mint mother (right) is appropriately perched on an apple mint leaf. The gatekeeper is a small butterfly, about 20 mm from nose to tail but the mint moth is even smaller at 10mm.

Despite drooping badly over the long dry spell our buddleia has flowered and is attracting mainly bees at the moment. I look forward to it living up to its nickname (the butterfly bush). A teasel head attracts bees and hoverflies. I was pleased to get two different bumble bee species in this shot.

I love to watch hoverflies as they hover motionless before darting in to sip a little nectar from their chosen flower. In order to encourage pollinating insects I have elected to leave a portion of the lawn unmown to allow wild flowers to flourish. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

Finally a pair of damsel flies from Attenborough. The male (blue) clasps the female to prevent other males from mating until she lays her eggs.

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