Highfields Headlines

I have been able to observe the great crested grebe family for many weeks and was surprised and pleased to see that the pair had hatched a second brood of four chicks. With help from the maturing first brood I was hopeful that all would survive but on my last visit (Wed 28th) I was saddened to see only two babies.

What meaning is there in the eye to eye contact between these siblings?

We had close views of the resident Little Egret in the ‘stepping stones’ shallows at the west end of the lake. In the left hand image it has caught a small fish and I never cease to be impressed by this bird’s yellow feet.

Other young birds like these coots and Egyptian geese appear to be thriving.

Finally a red crested pochard in his muted eclipse plumage having a good stretch. Many duck species, including this one, seem to me to be smiling or is it smirking? Perhaps it knows something we don’t. 😎

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