August Agglomeration

A collection of some pictures taken over that last 10 days at Highfields (Nottingham University Park), Wollaton Park and Attenborough Nature Reserve.

A section of the Formal Garden in Wollaton Park on a cool, blue and white theme. Can you spot the ride-on mower?

One of this year’s fawns in Wollaton Park. Judging by the adult (Mum?) in the background I would guess it is a red deer fawn.

A peacock butterfly on white buddleia and a red admiral both in the ‘Sensory Garden’ at Wollaton Park, a green veined white on ragwort also in Wollaton Park and a speckled wood I saw at ANR.

Some of this year’s crop of water birds. A young coot developing its characteristic white face shield, cygnets getting more and more mature but still with down rather than feathers and some colourful Egyptian geese.

My main reason for visiting Highfields so often this summer has been to check on a great crested grebe family. To recap – I first saw the pair with two young, nearly too big to hitch a ride on the adult’s back, on May 30th. Just over 6 weeks later I was surprised to see they had a second brood of four chicks. Sadly two of the new clutch did not survive and above is a shot of the remaining chicks taken yesterday (11th Aug). The first pair of young were not with the family group so I presume they are now independent. To raise 4 young in a year of such topsy-turvy weather is remarkably good news. 😎

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