Owl be seeing you ……

The first image is of the young tawny owl hatched in the spring in my friend’s garden that decided to revisit its birthplace a couple of days ago (18th). The next image (10/04) shows one of the parents, probably the female, in the doorway of the same nest box and the final (12/05) shot is of the male keeping watch while the female was brooding in the box. Happy family! Thanks Dave for making these photos available. 🙂

A couple of insects seen on my walk around Attenborough this morning. I’m not sure of the ID of the pale blue moth(?) on a thistle flower and I thought that the ladybird on the same plant looked unusual therefore interesting.

This is the first time I have seen four waders in the Ridge & Furrow field at ANR, three snipe and a little egret. This area was created to encourage waders so this observation is gratifying.

A rare visitor to ANR was this spoonbill seen on a distant sandy spit from the Kingfisher Hide and my first sighting of one outside of Norfolk. It spent most of the time with its extraordinary bill tucked out of sight but from time to time it did a bit of preening. Standing on one leg, with the other tucked snuggly under its plumage, is believed to be a heat conservation strategy. This is the best of many, many shots. I’ve paired this with a mute swan seen near the Visitor Centre that looks a bit narcissistic to me. 🙂

Finally, my first kingfisher for at least 20 months, appropriately from the Kingfisher Hide. Not the best image but a thrilling sighting.

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