Wonderful Wildlife

A selection of wildlife spots seen at Attenborough Nature Reserve over the last few days starting with a video clip of a Black Tailed Godwit.

It was good to see a different wader in the ridge & furrow field. The black tailed godwit is a medium sized wader with a long bill for probing the mud for small crustaceans etc. I can’t recall seeing one before at ANR. In the video clip it appears to have difficulty walking, preferring to hop or jump. I suspect it has an injured foot.

From the Tower Hide I observed this heron also feeding in the ridge & furrow field.

The following day another heron’s catch makes the first heron’s seem very small fry.

Cormorants (top left) often take this somewhat vampire like stance to dry their wings after diving for fish. If their feathers were waterproof (like ducks for example) the air trapped within their plumage would make them too buoyant for diving. An unusual spot at ANR was a shelduck (top right) again in the ridge & furrow area. It was quite distant so I have used a picture taken elsewhere in better conditions. It was good to see a flock of wigeon, an advance party of the autumn/winter migrants.

Finally something on a smaller scale. A female common darter dragonfly resting on a reed leaf was seen from the kingfisher hide and a long legged spider on a grass stalk alongside the main path.

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