Bathing Beauties at the Beeston Birdman Spa

I may be a lone voice in the wilderness but I welcomed the prolonged rainfall in my locality yesterday (14th Sept). I didn’t need to water the bedding plants or top up our mini pond and the birds appreciate the water that gathers on our flat roof. From time to time grey wagtails drop in to feed on the tiny insects trapped on the surface. I am able to get some pleasing candid camera shots from the bedroom window.

These two grey wagtails paid a visit in February 2020, just before the first lockdown!

A flock of goldfinches, including some juveniles made a splash on the roof in May this year.

A male blackbird availed himself of the rooftop facilities in October 2016 and a juvenile dries off on the lawn after a dip in the birdbath in June 2014.

The birdbath gets a lot of use so I need to keep it topped up, especially in dry weather. A pair of bluetits share a bath, a bedraggled juvenile sparrow has clearly had a thorough bathe and, very unusually, a willow warbler popped in for a wash and blow dry August 2018.

Our garden birdbath in clear view of my usual workstation from where I took these shots of starlings. I’m not sure if the bird in the last image is pleased or disappointed. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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