Autumn Colours

For some reason this year I have become more aware of the changes in plants and wildlife as the seasons unfold, despite the rather erratic weather. Today I noticed that our Michaelmas daisies have started to flower, a reminder of many a harvest festival and we picked the last few apples and pulled the final rhubarb this week.

We have two colours of Michaelmas daisies. This is the deeper blue variety. Also our sedum plants are gradually showing their colour. Along with ivy flowers, sedums are a valuable late source of nectar for pollinating insects.

You may not recognise these images as red hot pokers (Kniphofia) but the flowers this year have been on the big side and recent rainfall made them top heavy and keel over into this rather pleasing shape. In the second picture a hoverfly is taking advantage of any remaining nectar.

Finally, the harebells that grow in the crevices of our driveway continue display their delicate blue bells and the hop vine that we share with our neighbour is in full flower. Anyone for home brew?

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