September so far …………..

Here is a selection of wildlife images taken during this week at Attenborough (ANR) and Highfields (University Park).

These Canada geese announced their arrival with much honking so I had ample time to prepare for this action shot. (ANR)

See at ANR on different days. A great spotted woodpecker perched on a power pole and a green woodpecker sharing a hawthorn bush with a magpie. Neither seemed bothered by the other bird.

First blackcap of the year taken across the railway lines from ANR. This is a female. Only the male has the eponymous black cap. This could be a juvenile or a returning migrant.

Two ‘L’ birds. A little egret having a good scratch at Highfields and a lapwing in the sun at ANR.

Finally a hoverfly seen at ANR today (1st image) and one of the same species I saw in our garden mini pond in July. I put out a query on Twitter and received this reply: One of the Helophilus species, probably Helophilus pendulus. They are widespread and sometimes known colloquially as The Footballer. No information was forthcoming about the team that fields this black and yellow strip. 🙂


  1. David Cole · September 19, 2021

    Man with limited movement is KING, since in chess he can only move one square at a time. On the phone a crack is a fissure. Hence KINGFISHER.

    Try this one: Not noted for its singing, it can still manage an octave.



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  2. beestonbirdman · September 22, 2021

    Welcome to the blog


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