No, not juvenile snipe but a collection of recent images and a bit of news.

I thought this juvenile moorhen viewed through some wispy grass seed heads made a pleasing image at Wollaton Park.

A couple of bright, white water birds from Attenborough Nature Reserve yesterday.

I think this is likely to be the same hedgehog that has visited the garden before. He came last Saturday as we were preparing lunch. He looks well but being out during the day is a little concerning. We put out some cat food and we watched him zigzag towards it with his nose in the air. He made short work of that and then trundled off.

Finally, time to blow my own trumpet again. Another picture published in the local free paper. Next year the Countryfile Calendar ??? Enjoy Autumn whatever the weather and look out for those winter visitors.


  1. birdingbirds · September 28, 2021

    Congratulations and well done Ray. You have an impressive talent. Mike

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  2. beestonbirdman · September 28, 2021

    Thanks Mike. It’s a case of right place at the right time in most cases.


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