Sunny Sights for a Soggy Saturday

Took advantage of a window in the wet weather yesterday (01/10) to visit Attenborough Nature Reserve again. Swans seem more numerous this year.

I hoped to see some snipe and the water rail at this spot but these lapwing were an acceptable substitute. The sheen on their wing feathers is an attractive feature. The one in the middle is taking a bath.

A couple of Caspian gulls have been reported on the reserve for several weeks. I am fairly sure that this is the immature one. I wasn’t particularly looking for it but I saw this large bird jump a few feet above the water and then dive head first to catch crayfish. It is not obvious but the water is quite shallow at this point and the prey was snatched from the bottom. If the ID is confirmed this will be a lifetime first.

A lesser black backed gull also caught a crayfish at almost the same location.

Wigeon and a little grebe in the afternoon sun seen from the Kingfisher hide.

Earlier in the week a magpie feeding on cones in my neighbour’s cedar tree.

Finally, Henry Hedgehog has visited several times this week. We put some catfood out for him this morning. I am a bit concerned that he is around in daylight. I presume he is fattening up for hibernation.

One comment

  1. David Cole · October 4, 2021

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for these super photos.

    Answers to previous cryptic clues:


    QUAGGA (Extinct zebra)

    As a cruciverbalist I enjoy creating cryptic clues.

    These three all have the same answer, using the OED alternative spelling.


    A learner is found at the end of the river.

    An irritating insect goes head to tail.

    Where, in France the French return.



    Sent from Mail for Windows


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