Birds on the Wing

The weather on my visit to Attenborough this morning (04/10) was bright but breezy so I had to hang on to my hat.

A flock of black headed gulls enjoying riding the wind above a tall willow. You can judge the strength of the wind by the angle of the top branches. They only get the full black head (dark brown actually) as mature adults in the breeding season.

From the bridge on the main path I saw a pair of mute swans coming in to land but only managed a shot of one just before splashdown. It actually landed under the bridge beneath me.

The area in front of the Kingfisher Hide has been cleared allowing much better views of the wildlife. Seeing this grey heron from a distance making for the shallows in front of me I had time to get in a couple of action shots. I am particularly pleased with the landing picture, where it’s fanning out its tail as an air brake,

Finally, but actually my first picture from this visit, I heard a robin chirruping away in a tree. Holding out my hand with some sunflower hearts tempted it down twice to grab a seed. It barely landed for more than a fraction of a second hence the blurred image but as the season’s first I was somewhat chuffed.

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