Attenborough Remainder

Some pictures from my walk around ANR yesterday that didn’t fit into the Birds on the Wing category,

Wild rose in a hedgerow. This is a picture I have not felt the need to enhance or crop.

Little and large diving birds. I was pleased to get a closer view of this little grebe. The eye of the cormorant is like an emerald.

Not all the black headed gulls were wind surfing. These were showing off their red bills and legs in the sunshine.

I spent some time by this bird table at the Beeston end of the reserve hoping for a nuthatch to show up. I’ll try again when it’s a bit colder and the birds appreciate some supplementary food. This great tit looks as if ie waiting its turn to tuck into the sunflower hearts.

One comment

  1. David Legge · October 5, 2021

    Wow, the photo of the rose is beautiful – must have been a still day. I much prefer the wild ‘dog rose’ to the cultivated varieties.


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