Attenborough Assortment

Some pictures from my afternoon visit to ANR yesterday (06/10).

After spending a pleasant hour or so in the Kingfisher Hide I gave up waiting for a kingfisher to show itself and decided to move on. Just by the entrance activity around a Tansy plant caught my eye. The butterfly is a Small Copper which I have only seen once before. I thought bees were also taking advantage of this late source of nectar but in fact it is a hoverfly. Bees have two pairs of wings but this insect has only a single pair. I think it is Eristalis Pertinax (according to t’internet).

While watching the insects on the tansy plant a conjoined pair of common hawker dragon flies settled on a nearby bush (left). They will have mated and this action is to prevent other males muscling in on the female. Shortly afterwards I saw male common darter sunning itself on top of a five bar gate (right).

As it was less windy than of late some smaller birds were showing themselves. I saw a wren on the inside of a bush, a lovely male chaffinch tempted by some seeds onto a fence post and a handsome dunnock perched on a rock in the car park.

No apologies for showing a bit more grebe action. An adult was being harassed by one of its offspring begging for food. It did receive one or two fish while I was watching despite black headed gulls attempting to snatch them.

One of this pair of little grebes may be the one I reported previously. It was nice to see them both together, especially when Mrs decided to have a bathe (and give her mate a shower).

Despite being much less colourful than her gaudy mate this hen pheasant has intricately patterned plumage. As with many ground nesting birds the female’s subdued colouration serves as camouflage when sitting on eggs or chicks.

A couple of maturing mute swans peacefully feeding together seen from the second screen along the main path. I’ve Tweeted this as Tranquillity.


  1. birdingbirds · October 7, 2021

    Very enjoyable post Ray.

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  2. beestonbirdmanbeestonbirdman · October 7, 2021

    I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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