The Rutting Season is upon us.

After several postponements I finally made it to Wollaton Park on this sunny Friday.

The red deer stags were displaying their splendid antlers and bellowing their dominance. Most of their hinds were gathered together grazing or resting in the shade but I spotted this lone hind poking its head above the bracken just as I was leaving the park. That’s what you call Hindsight 🙂

In the formal garden I caught sight of a jay busily filling its bulging crop with what looks like nuts of some kind. I never tire of seeing these colourful members of the Corvid family.

Braving a cold east wind at the western edge of the lake I hoped to catch sight of some of the rose ringed parakeets but I had an equally good view of a great spotted woodpecker making its way into a nest hole. Presumably it was also getting out of the wind.

On the border of the golf course on Lime Tree Avenue these fungi stood out in the sunlight. I’ve no idea what they are but I thought the looked rather interesting and they made a nice composition with the fallen autumn leaves as a backdrop.

Finally, having enhanced the garden feeding station by adding some more tree branches earlier in the week I was pleased to have these two sweeties posing for me soon afterwards.


  1. · October 20, 2021

    Lovely picture, Raymond, of the lone hind poking its head above the bracken.



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