A four legged friend, a four legged friend ………

I’m prompted to post another blog on a rainy Sunday by a couple of four legged visitors.

While the Sunday lunch was in the oven I sat at my work station/observation point checking emails etc. when a movement caught my eye under bird feeder. I expected to see a small brown bird like a sparrow or dunnock but it was this lovely wood mouse. Quite small it looked like a tiny kangaroo ferreting out any dropped seed that the pigeons hadn’t snaffled.

Around the same time the previous day, which nice and sunny, Henry Hedgehog paid another visit. I put some catfood out which he soon found. A magpie was hanging around to share his meal, even attempting to snatch a morsel (without success). Don’t you think it looks a bit disappointed at the licked clean plate.

A long tailed tit posed on the feeder ‘tree’ in the sunshine. The blue blobs in the background are flowers on our ceanothus which has burst into bloom again, in the wrong season.

As Saturday looked like the brightest day we are likely to see for several days I took a short walk down ANR. Saw a buzzard on its customary telegraph pole and this dunnock on a fence post. It was unconcerned as I approached within a metre and flew off a few moments after I took these close-ups. LBJs (little brown jobs) always deserve a detailed look.

Finally, also at ANR, a cormorant drying its wings on one of the marker buoys belonging to the sailing club. I’m inclined to caption it, “Come in No.5, your time is up.” Some birding news – A bittern has been sighted on the reserve (Friday). I look forward to seeing one again not having observed one locally for some years.

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