“As it was such a nice day, I thought we would walk!”

I wrapped up well for my walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve yesterday (21/10). It was sunny but a bit on the chilly side. I encountered these swans on the path by the Church Pond towards the end of my circuit of the reserve.

Whooper swans have been sighted during the week. This was my only view of a single bird seen at a distance from the Kingfisher Hide. Whoopers are occasional visitors to ANR, probably stopping off to roost as they follow the River Trent on their way south. A bittern has also been reported recently which I hope to see or hear ‘booming’ sometime.

At various points around the reserve I spotted many cormorants taking advantage of a variety of roosting places, some with wings outstretched to dry. I like find their emerald eyes.

My route took me along the Wet Marsh path that I have not been along for some months. I thought it looked so inviting with dappled sunlight playing on a carpet of fallen leaves I just had to take a few pictures. This shot is my current screen background.

On the left of the path (walking generally eastward) a large sheltered pond is host to grebe, geese, coots, swans, cormorants, herons etc. but on this occasion to one of our smaller winter ducks, widgeon. Nicely illuminated the colours of the male (top left) in particular stood out. Periodically a group would launch noisily into the air. The number of birds in the lower image is equal to the number of tails plus one. šŸ˜‰

I suspect this heron is hunched up against the cold and maybe the lapwing is holding one leg inside its feathers for the same reason.

Finally, Hm Hm, it’s trumpet blowing time again folks. I am pleased to say that our local free sheet, Beeston Local News, that published my grebe family picture have accepted my offer to write a monthly piece about local wildlife and the first one, on the subject of the winter thrushes redwings and fieldfares, was published yesterday. I’ve already had some feedback via the blog. Stay safe and warm.


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  2. Linda Hunt · October 22, 2021

    Wow!! It’s great.


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