Going Nuts with a Nuthatch

Spent an hour or so this morning (23/10) observing the bird table at the Attenborough Nature Reserve, just over the railway line from where I spent my first 16 years. As usual I placed some dead branches and moss covered logs on the table and sprinkled sunflower hearts on top then sat, suitably cushioned, on the nearby seat. The response was almost immediate. Tits, robins and what I was hoping for a nuthatch, flew rapidly to and fro taking the seed. I took over 200 shots to make sure of getting some good images.

I’ve managed to hide the galvanised steel of the bird table in all but one of these images to make a more natural looking scene. With good light and multiple shots I think these are some of my best pictures of this stunning little bird. I understand the nuthatch is the only bird that came walk down a tree trunk head first. Perhaps that’s something to do with the configuration of its claws, which are clearly visible.

Great tits and bluetits came and went at speed so I only got a few pictures and a couple of robins made an appearance. Note that one of them is ringed.

A coal tit visited the table several times but never seemed to get beyond perching on the rim but at least that showed off the trademark white stripe on the back of its head. They are not common so it was a good spot.

Finally, bracket fungi growing near the base of a tree trunk looked interesting enough to photograph. If there are any mycologists out there in blogland ID suggestions would be welcome.

One comment

  1. Keith Dennis · October 24, 2021

    Wonderful pics Ray. Nuthatch one of our favourites, superb.


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