Bye British Summer Time – Hello Greenwich Mean Time

Some of my observations in this last week of October.

One of the pair of peregrine falcons nesting my old college (Nottingham Trent University) waiting for its mate. Taken from street level om Monday 25th. Here’s looking forward to another successful breeding season.

The highlight of my walk around ANR on Wednesday 27th was sight of 5 goosanders quite close to the first screen on the main path. The females in this species are the redheads. Goosanders are large diving ducks with serrated bills to hold onto their fish prey.

I walked parallel with the railway from the entrance to the reserve and over the Erewash just into Derbyshire to see if there were any stonechats or cattle egrets, having observed both in the livestock grazing field in previous years. I didn’t see either but I did see this cheeky jackdaw perched on a sheep’s head. The RSPB on Twitter suggested it might be pulling out wool for nest lining but it could equally have been picking off parasites. The sheep wasn’t bothered either way.

On crossing the Erewash (in both directions) I observed this little egret perched in various places where the river passes under the railway. It didn’t have any success so it flew off in disgust Just look at those enormous yellow feet – probably bigger that a large raptor.

From the Kingfisher Hide I could see the lapwings and gulls take to the air periodically. I looked for a bird of prey but saw none. Perhaps they just wanted a quick flap. Their floppy flight is quite distinctive.

Finally, a reminder that though BST ends this weekend we will still see the sun. Enjoy your long(er) weekend. 😎

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