Come Rain or Shine the Birds are Fine


As the saying goes, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” One of these two pigeons sitting on the roof of our newly installed posh bird table is taking advantage of the downpour on Saturday afternoon (30/10). Lifting each wing in turn it is giving those hard-to-get-at places a thorough shower while the other sits and suffers a drenching. If they had any nouse they would have sheltered inside!

Despite the strong winds on Monday (01/11) I took advantage of the good light to revisit the eastern end of ANR and the bird table that I dress with mossy logs and scattered seed. Robins, bluetits and great tits popped in and out at speed. A nuthatch, however, took its time allowing me some super shots. I never tire of seeing this delightful little bird.

Elsewhere on the reserve one robin contemplates which sunflower heart looks the biggest and another proclaims its ownership of a blackthorn bush and its juicy sloes. The autumn leaves in the first image make a pleasing backdrop.

Finally, various shots of little birds coming down for the seeds I put on a gate post. Top left a male chaffinch waits his turn on the gate. There is something odd about the last image. The great tit has got a seed in its bill so is it flying backwards or coming in for another? All of these were taken with strong sunlight coming from behind the camera but the autumn leaves in the background are in shadow making the subjects stand out well.


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