A mixed bag from Attenborough

I’ve made a couple of morning visits to Attenborough Nature Reserve over the past few days. Today (13/11) I had clear views of both male and female goosanders. Unlike some other ducks the female is more colourful, she’s the redhead!

From the Kingfisher Hide I’ve had my best view ever of a water rail with the added bonus of it catching a fish. It was disturbed by the mallard (top right) and swam and waded to another part of the reed bed in full view. The last image shows a moorhen – that I now know also eats fish!

I saw two great white egrets in different ponds on Thursday 11th. This one was closer but behind some vegetation. But on reflection the out of focus foreground improves the image rather than detracting from it.

You might struggle to identify this bathing magpie from the first image. The green in its tail feathers is particularly prominent.

This time Mrs Stonechat was alongside the sailing pit with water making a plain background. In the middle image she has caught a wasp, one of very few insects still flying.

By way of a ‘tail piece’ something completely different! Pausing to finish my flask sitting on the flood wall near the railway crossing I glanced across the lines to the horse field opposite. I couldn’t resist the temptation to video this horse having a good scratch on one of the bracing cables of a telegraph pole. Have fun, stay safe but keep wild.

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