A Wednesday Wander around ANR

The forecast was favourable and I needed a wildlife fix. A 10 minute drive and I’m in my favourite place, making a bee-line for the Kingfisher Hide. En-route gulls, ducks and gulls all take to the air as one when a buzzard glides high over the Tween Pond.

I managed to get a distant shot at the time and sometime later, probably the same bird, on a telegraph pole behind the Kingfisher Hide. This is a favourite perch for raptors, usually a buzzard but sometimes a kestrel.

A pair of Egyptian geese indicate how shallow is the water opposite the first viewing screen. I think the bird with the larger brown patch on the breast is the male.

A little egret took off from the reedbed in front of the hide and flew away from me giving an opportunity for an in-flight shot. I counted at least 5 of these elegant egrets around the reserve. Good light made for a clear image, despite the distance, in the second picture.

I passed a couple of places on my circular walk where bushes, mostly hawthorn, are close to fence and gate posts. A few sprinkled seeds will soon attract the smaller birds. I like to photograph them waiting their turn in the bushes. The bluetit and female chaffinch were by the gate to the Tower Hide path and the handsome male chaffinch alongside the Trent.

As I walked alongside the Trent groups of greylag geese arrived with much honking. Some rested on the water but many took the opportunity to tuck into some fresh grazing on the opposite bank.

Taking the next turning off the Trent-side path and pausing to enjoy a robin taking seed from my hand I made my way along the Wet Marsh Path. On the far side of the pond between the path and the Trent was this great white egret. It’s difficult to judge size at this distance but as it turned its head I could see the unmistakeable yellow bill. It was not little but large. It stood out against the dark background of reeds making for some clear pictures.

Finally, I have yet to see a redwing or fieldfare to gobble up all the ripe and ready fruits on the leafless autumn bushes. These are from around the end of November 2019 (pre-pandemic!). Have a wild time till the next posting!

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