Random Bits & Bobs

Some wildlife spots from the past few days.

Fungi take many forms. The upper images were around a holly tree at Highfields The RSPB informed me, via Twitter. that it is honey fungus, not something you would want in the garden. The others are from ANR this morning (21st).

Moorhen working its way across Highfields boating lake without getting its feet wet. Friday 19th.

Male reed bunting, Caspian gull and little egrets chasing each other. There were many little egrets gathered in one area and squabbles broke out from time to time. All at ANR yesterday (20th).

Ducks at ANR this morning (21st). Male and female gadwall and a male tufted duck. Note water beading on the back and head.

Some of the birds frequenting the bird table at ANR this morning (21st), bluetit, great tit and nuthatch. I added a suet filled coconut shell which proved quite popular.

A view looking into the reserve, with the morning light striking the bulrushes. I think they look like an army of spear wielding warriors lining up ready to charge. This was open water when I lived nearby in the 1950’s.

To finish a quiz, reproduced from Twitter, courtesy of the RSPB. 😎 Don’t forget the birds when it’s frosty.

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