Sun & Snow – Images from the last few days.

Black headed gulls are getting bolder as the weather gets colder. The first image shows one picking up some Sunday joint remains on the lawn.

Sticky buds developing on a conker tree on our avenue.

Collared dove on the bird table/house. Note remains of snow among the seed.

Ruddy shelduck are occasional visititors to our area but are generally rare coastal birds in the UK. Some, if not all, are descended from escapees from wildfowl collections. In central and east Asia Buddhist communities regard them as sacred because their ruddy (red) plumage matches the monks’ robes.. The male has a thin dark ring separating the paler head from the main body plumage,

A similar bird is the Cape Ruddy Shelduck which originates from South Africa as the name suggests. I have seen one this year at ANR but this example is from June 2019 also at ANR. This is a male which has a grey head while the female (which I have not seen) has an additional white patch around the eye.

The common shelduck is more strongly marked. The last image is of a juvenile.

Bluetit on the coconut shell and great tit on the apple tree this morning (28th). A male house sparrow on a roof en-route to the shop (me not the bird!)

The garden around lunch time today and a daytime view of the moon against a blue sky a few days ago.

I have another wildlife article published in the Beeston Local News but I have yet to receive my copy. I will refer to it in the next posting. Meanwhile stay safe and warm and do what you can to help the wildlife through this cold spell.

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