Beeston Birdman has Gone Green!

I made a decision last week that I no longer need a car (see the empty drive) and I have invested in an electric bike. I will be able to reach all of my local birdwatching venues (and perhaps some new ones) but also I can ride around them rather than walking. I am hoping that this new, gentle form of exercise will get rid of that post lockdown spare tyre.

Lovely golden sunrise this morning viewed from out attic bedroom with a sliver of new moon high in the sky.

Two corvids today. A jay in our apple tree (must remove that mummified fruit!) and a rather fine magpie in my neighbour’s cedar.

Bluetit and goldfinch in the garden recently. The goldfinch braving the snow on Monday.

Finally, a seasonal picture of a variegated holly in a nearby garden. Red berries but no prickles.

One comment

  1. Hilary Griffiths · December 3, 2021

    Wonderful pics Raymond! I just have two questions……

    1). Did you use your bike to access the attic to get the beautiful view of sunrise?


    2) If I get an electric bike, will my bird photos turn out as good as yours?

    We must thank you enormously for the beautiful calendar you sent to us! We absolutely love it! Thank you so much. I could reciprocate, but you might spend all year wondering what my ‘subjects’ were!

    Lots of love

    Hils xxx

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