First Redwing of the Winter

Took a ride around ANR yesterday (9th) and had sight of redwing high up in a tree. Hope to see more and get better pictures on the next trip.

Some small birds, mostly tempted by the sunflower hearts that I buy in bulk.

My route took me over the entrance to the Works Pond through which barges carried the sand and gravel for processing. The new-looking fence has been recently errected to separate that part of the reserve from the railway line. The houses beyond are being built on the former works site. The grassy area and the land to the right behind the bushes was occupied by the processing plant. Every grain of sand and shovel-full of gravel produced had to be carried over the railwy by overhead conveyor belt.

Close up views of the tufted ducks and goosanders visible in the view above.

A colourful pair of Egytian geese and sentinal cormorant perched high on a dead tree.

I thought at first this might have been a cattle egret feeding among livestock in the Erewash Fields but there is no mistaking the yellow feet and black bill of a little egret.

Finally, the largest number of common snipe I have ever seen at one time snoozing in the sunshine by the main entrance to the reserve. Try and count them. I make it 9 or maybe 10. 😎


  1. Keith Dennis · December 16, 2021

    So sorry you are injured Ray, hope you feeling OK and not too bad to take your wonderful, photos. Love to you and Barbara, God bless.

    Margaret and Keith xx


  2. beestonbirdman · December 16, 2021

    Thanks – Iam getting on OK – living one handed. I’m getting help from neighbours an friends


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