Review of 2021 – Part 1

If you have been wondering why Beeston Birdman has been silent for a couple of weeks I had a tumble and injured my shoulder which limits me to what wildlife drops in to the garden. Nothing newsworthy as yet so I am having retrospective stroll through the year just about ended. What a contrast to 2020, a year best forgotten as far as I’m concerned but made up for by a bumper birdwatching 2021. This posting is a selection of images from January to April.

In January I had many sightings of both male and female stonechats at ANR. This is a male. The other three pictures were taken in the garden.

In February numerous gulls came ino the garden for any food scraps on the lawn, including, unusually, a lesser black backed gull. The buzzard on a fence post and the foraging redwing are spots from ANR and the goldcrest regularly visited the garden feeders.

March saw some of the garden regulars but also my first local sighting of a great white egret acros the Trent at Barton. I was very fortunate to spot a tree creeper building its nest in the cavity of a tree stump fron the path by the river.

In April the breeding season was in full swing. Notorious early breeders, these grey heron juveniles were in the Wollaton Park heronry along with many others. A crow pauses on the apple tree while gathering nest material and another corvid, a jay, surveys the garden perched on a fence post. Finally a drake mandarin duck displays his fine feathers on th Wollaton Park lake

One comment

  1. Jenny Langran · December 24, 2021

    Dear Ray, so sorry to hear of your fall. I hope you’re now set up for Christmas. Do you need anything from the shops? I can nip in to Sainsbury’s for you, if needed.

    Lovely review of early 2021, beautiful photos.

    Take care Jenny

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