Review of 2021 – Part 4

Some highlights from August and September.

August: A grey heron downing a massive fish and a rare sighting of a spoonbill, both at ANR.

August: A friend told me of this hornet’s nest on a dead tree at Highfields. At first I thought the insect I saw on a mint flower in the garden was also a hornet but I was advised it was a hornet mimic hoverfly

August: Comma and peacock butterflies on a burdock plant at ANR, a gatekeeper on a mint flower in the garden and a green veined white on ragwort.

August: Common hawker dragonflies, a female in the garden and a male on the wing at ANR.

September: A couple of waders at ANR. Black tailed godwit and a common snipe.

September: Green and great spotted woodpeckers seen at ANR.

September: Shield bug in the garden plus an interesting spider and a female common darter dragon fly, both at ANR.

September: Finally, a starling and house sparrow post bath in the garden.

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