At last, a bit of fine weather!

On the last day of 2021 I took the opportunity to ride the tram to Highfields. Somewhat hampered still by my injury I managed some photographs using a monopod and remote shutter release.

By the relatively new shallow pond connected to the Tottle Brook I watched a grey heron stalking its prey. It did catch and swallow something – maybe a frog.

The resident Egyptian goose pair made a colourful sight by the lake.

I have not seen grey squirrel gathering leaves for its nest (drey) before but this one was, perhaps preparing for some chilly nights to come.

The first image is a goose I think I have seen before at Highfields. It was associating with the Canada geese but that orange bill is typical of a greylag goose. It must be a cross. The duck is a female common pochard.

My monthly column in The Beeston Local News for January 2022.

One comment

  1. Lesley Leivers · January 1, 2022

    Lovely to read your article in the Beeston local news and thanks again for including me.

    Wishing you both health and happiness in 2022.



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