Welcome 2022! Calendar Bird for January

2021 was a very good year for observing Great Crested Grebe particularly the pair that raised two broods on the boating lake in Nottingham University Park (Highfields). Spoilt for choice from nearly 100 images I compromised and made two editions of my British Wild Birds calendar for 2022. The bird for January in both editions is the great crested grebe, featuring the young birds.

These calendar pictures were both taken at Highfields. To see four grebelings (?) on the adult’s back and so close to the shore was a very special moment. A few weeks later I was pleased to record one of the chicks exchanging a significant glance with its older sibling. I observed the older two from the first brood taking on some of the parenting roles subsequently.

Just a small selection of great crested grebe shots from various sites. The nest with three eggs was near the visitor centre at ANR. Unfortunately it was either innundated or predated so it was not sucessful. The fourth image shows the whole Highfields family taken from one of the bridges.

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