Wollaton Park Revisited – January 4th

I was surprised to see that several heron pairs have already staked their claim on a nest site in the island weeping willow heronry and another in the trees to the right.

A few handfuls of sunnflower hearts soon brought the crows from the trees and the ensuing kerfuffle attracted a pair of Egyptian geese from the water. Among the coots, moorhen, pochard & mallard I was pleased to spot three gooanders. The redhead is the female.

I did have a brief sight of two rose ringed parakeets but they popped into their nest hole too quickly for me so here is one I prepared earlier. 😉

Some interesting fungi growing on decaying wood.

Finally a couple of spots from my walk to and from the bus stop. This starling looks a bit fierce. The gull on a telegraph pole on our avenue is a great black gull which is unusual in an urban area.

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