A Sunny January Morning at Attenborough

Accompanied by Beeston Birdman Jr. I took a walk to my favourite wild place. Taking a short cut across the golf course I spotted something reddish atop a tree.

I managed just one shot with its head facing in my direction. It is a male common kestrel. The male characteristics are chiefly the dark marking on the wings and a grey head. This is the bird you might see hovering over the verge alongside a motorway. A nice spot to open my 2022 birding year.

Approaching the bird table where we hoped to see nuthatches a dog walker overtook us and slowly disappeared into the mist. Atmospheric eh?

No nuthatches this time but on checking the images at home there was a great tit in mid-air, either landing or taking off. This pensive robin was quick to hop onto my hand for some seed but was unwilling to do the same for BBJr.

Among the usual ducks we had clear views of both male and female goosanders and a group of wigeon.

I have observed cormorants on a couple of dead trees several times but Itook advantage of the good light to take thse images.

Finally a juvenile mute swan is heading towards a full set of white adult plumage made a nice, reflective image to end our walk around just part of ANR.

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