A Misty, Moisty Morning at ANR

I can’t go for many days without a wildlfe fix so I was determined to get to my favourite place despite the fog on Saturday morning.

En-route to thr reserve from the bus stop the hedgerows were festooned with spiders’ webs, the overnight hoarfrost melting into droplets as the temperature crept above freezing. I am surprised that spiders are active in these conditions.

Pausing where I had previously seen several snipe, I caught sight of a pair of goldeneye. I managed to get a reasonable shot of the male. The other images were from further into the reserve. In the middle image a great white egret is visible on the left. The mist only began to clear around midday.

The great white egret obliged by coming a bit closer in front af the reed bed. This from the Kingfisher Hide.

No apologies for some more robins. I only persuaded one to land on my hand. They are very territorial, shooing away intruders rather than tucking in!

No such problems for the great tits. They queued up for their turn at the food. It was noticeable that the great tit is a heavier bird as they landed on my hand.

Finally, a couple of shots of a male reed bunting. It went for seed on a fence post rather than my hand.

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