Blue Monday?

YES! But not moody blue, sky blue!. “Hey there Mr. Blue, we’re so pleased to be with you Sun is shinin’ in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight….” (ELO). Mr Blue Sky beckoned me to Attenborough Nature Reserve once again.

Lapwings don’t seem to mind roosting with their feet wet, but the reflection effect is pleasing. Groups of magpies were very much in evidence. This view shows up the green colouration in the tail feathers.

VIDEO CLIP Later on this lapwing was taking a bath in the Ridge & Furrow pond.

As usual a selection of smaller birds were attracted to the seed placed on the fence/gate posts at the entrance of the path to the Tower Hide. The robins are always a bit bolshie but persistence pays if you want your turn. The light was good so these chaffinch shots were taken at 1/1000 sec exposure, freezing the wing movement quite well. I am struck by the amount of green colouration on this male chaffinch.

Even a plucky little bluetit was not put of by the robin bully.

A couple of pictures I couldn’t resist taking. A zebra striped swan and a menacing cormorant drying its wings in the sunshine.

Finally, a shot from the garden this morning. A nicely illuminated coal-tit on the feeder from inside (in the warm!). Please remember to provide food and water for the wildlife these frosty mornings. Stay safe and warm.


  1. Hilary Griffiths · January 18, 2022

    Hi Raymond,

    Lovely writing, but unfortunately this report and the last one didn’t contain any photos.

    Hope you’re both well!

    Best wishes and love from us both

    H & A xx

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  2. birdingbirds · January 18, 2022

    Great Chaffinch pictures Ray. Keep enjoying the weather!??

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  3. Keith Dennis · January 18, 2022

    Absolutely fab Ray. We noticed the green on chaffinch, thought is it a greenfinch. Love to both xx

    Keith and Margaret


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