A January Jumble

A selection of images from the past few days, mostly from Attenborough but some from Nottingham University Park today 22nd January.

I had intended to spend the morning at Highfields but apart from the area near the stepping stones (pictured above) and a patch at the pavilion end of the lake where ducks and coots were being fed, the lake was just a sheet of ice. The coot was taking slippery steps across the ice and paused for a bit of preening. I decided to go to ANR for the rest of the morning.

From the Kingfisher Hide, I was pleased to get some good views of a great white egret in flight and some of the many shovellers skimming the surface with their extraordinary bills. Goldeneye were spotted in the distance but too far away for my camera.

Earlier in the week (20th) the nuthatch turned up trumps at the usual bird table spot and I saw this cormorant from the bridge on the main path. I later learned from Twitter that the white feathers are breeding plumage

We are getting regular garden visits from bluetits, great tits and a single coal tit. We have resident pairs of blackbirds, dunnock and robins. I have put up another two nest boxes. We live in hope.

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  1. Hilary Griffiths · January 23, 2022

    You should rename yourself ‘The Beeston busy Bee!’ Lovely reports ! Xx

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