The First Warbler – Hello Blackcap!

I suspect that this male blackcap is an over-wintering bird rather than a harbinger of Spring. Nevertheless it was good to see it on the cotoneaster bush just outside the window by my work(!) station around lunchtime on Sunday 23rd.

Within minutes of the blackcap helping himself to some red berries a little goldcrest re-discovered the peanut butter mix on the feeder post. Weighing less than a 20p piece this sweet little ball of a bird is the UK’s smallest. Another first of the year.

Another day, another first of the year. A long tailed tit also attracted by the peanut butter flew in to a snack on Monday 24th.

Tuesday 25th, after a long morning at the hospital (my arm is getting better – thanks for asking 🙂 ) and depite the chill I walked through Highfields Park. Nice to get a close-up of a drake common pochard. Ducks always seem to be smiling but the grey heron perched on a post in the lake looks miserable to me. I was pleased to see the resident little egret, initially in the (Tottle) Brook but it flew ito a tree enabling this rather pleasing view.

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