Calendar Bird(s) for February – Goldfinch & Brambling

The Beeston Birdman Wildlife Calendar for 2022 is in two editions, hence two birds for this new month. Goldfinches & Bramblings are both members of the finch family.

Brambling are winter visitors to the UK, migrating from Scandinavia and Northern Russia in very large numbers. As far as I can remember I have only sighted brambling at Rutland Water but they have been observed widely in Nottinghamshire, particularly in Sherwood Forest. Their preferred food is beech mast.

With their striking red mask and golden wing feathers, goldfinches are unmistakeable. Juveniles have the gold wings and black and white wing tips and tail feathers – images (1)&(2) but lack the facial colouration. They are widespread UK residents and generally seen in loose flocks. Image (5) shows 18 on the feeders in our apple tree in October 2017 but I have not seen so many togther since. In the wild they feed on small seeds, e.g. Michaelmas daisies (3) and thistle (6).

Finally, views of a little grebe at Attenborough catching a fish and a video clip of a herring gull on my old school playing field paddling (imitating rainfall) to raise some worms. These were taken last week.

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  1. Paul Dilks · January 31, 2022

    Lovely birds Raymond, Thank you.

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