A February Foray

From the Tower Hide at Attenborough Nature Reserve I was pleased to catch this Grey Heron as it was taking off. From the opposite side of the hide I searched for redwings in vain but I did see a song thrush.

Also at Attenborough Nature Reserve, among the usual tits, robin, chaffinches coming down for seed placed on the fence posts both male and female reed buntings joined the feast. Though not so strongly marked as the male the range of colouring on the female, from dark brown through yellow to white, is rather lovely – especially with the ‘punk hairstyle.’ 😎

We are getting increased activity in the garden. Various tits (including this LTT on the apple tree), dunnock, blackbird and robin make use of the feeders and a single goldcrest drops in now and then. It makes a change to see a collared dove as opposed to the usual feral and wood pigeons. Finches are restricted to a couple of occasional goldfinches.

Finally – for this posting – a copy of my latest offering to the Beeston Local News. I hope you enjoy reading it.

One comment

  1. leannedempsey · February 3

    Fantastic photos. Thank you for sharing your woodpecker article – I didn’t know about that peanut butter trick. I’ll try it out. Here’s hoping for a woodpecker 👍


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