While the Sun Shines ………

The sunshine on Thursday & Friday provided all the encouragement I needed to visit two of my favourite wildlife spots, ANR (by bike!) and Wollaton Park (by bus).

Greylag geese on the Main Pond at ANR.

From the Kingfisher Hide at ANR I got some distant shots of several male goldeneye displaying (top) and fighting for dominance in the mating game.

Some of the smaller birds that photographed well in the sunshine. Male and female chaffinch, bluetits, great tit, nuthatch and a robin singing its little heart out.

Goosanders, two females (top) at ANR and two views of a male from Wollaton Park.

In Wollaton Park, while looking for drumming great spotted woodpeckers (without sucess!) I did manage to get some shots of a tree creeper scurrying about the trees for prey under the bark. You can clearly see how its curved, slender bill is ideally fitted for exploring the smallest crevice.

Finally, some views of Ireton House and grounds which is adjacent to ANR and St Mary’s Church (where I was baptized). The carpet of snowdrops and crocusses this year seems to me the best ever. Spring is just around the corner! 😎 😎


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  1. Paul Dilks · February 11

    Hi Raymond, Thanks a lot for the piccies. The goosanders looked quite special and I always like to see a treecreeper. Last Saturday, Carole and I went for a ride to Bradmore where we went to the Cherry garden Centre. I meandered around the countryside afterwards and we suddenly came across a field where there were many birds , covids and birds of prey wheeling about. In the field was a dead sheep with crows sitting on it and large birds of prey flying around, settling on the tree and being mobbed by the crows. Once again the birds of prey which I have been mistaking for goshawks were there. Definitely not kites or buzzards with their blunt wings. They have large wings without the sickle shape which characterises the falcons. (There were kestrels there too.) I still fail to identify the large birds of prey . They were principally brown and beige and didn’t look like the marsh harriers that we saw on Guernsey. I remain perplexed. Fond regards, Paul

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